Jaajo’s Song of Protest – ThisDay Newspaper

The U.S.-based Nigerian Afro beat maestro, Jaajo pricks the nation’s conscience with “The Land is Blessed.” ThisDay journalist, Nduka Nwosu unmasks Matthew ‘Jaajo’ Mbadi and his music.

Jaajo, the Prince of Njaba wears that image of the cosmopolitan young and successful music icon in the mold of Davido or Boy George reclined on a sofa, in a palatial mansion somewhere in New York’s exotic Long Island or Orange County. On a cool Saturday morning, you could, expectedly though, hear his tribe listening to the rarefied jazz music of Miles Davies or Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s ‘Lady,’ all to gain inspiration for something new, this time a new singles-The Land is Blessed dedicated to the victims of our recent tragedy as a people, and summarized as #Endsars.

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